Mind the Gap! is a consortium of 5 partners from the UK, Netherlands and Spain who are all committed to promoting & teaching Science, Engineering, Technology and Maths subjects (STEM) and are passionate about addressing the ongoing skills gap in the sector within the EU and especially the shortfall of women & increasing STEM drop-out rates of girls.

1,300million people with technical skills will be required by 2020 and current graduate levels in STEM subjects are not sufficient to fill these vacancies. Policy makers within the EU have recently called for more to be done to attract students to this area. However, there is a secondary problem in that women are grossly under-represented in STEM: A 2012 WISE report stated that “While a few (mainly ex-Soviet) countries have around 20% women in STEM, Western European countries such as France and Spain (17% each), Denmark (16%), Germany (15%), Finland (15%), and UK (9%) all bring the European average down to 17%”.